School Rules: New for the 2024 Broadway San Diego Awards


The Jimmy Awards Category

For all high schools producing a full musical. Adjudicators will be sent to each production.

The National High School Musical Theatre Awards® has reviewed the professional standards for identifying the definition of an Approved Musical and a Qualifying Role in an Approved Musical for the purposes of the program. These standards serve as a guide to create a minimum standard and criteria for what defines a Qualifying Role in the category of Best Actor / Actress in an amateur production of an Approved Musical.

Here is the full list of qualifying shows and roles: (

As part of The Jimmy Awards (NHSMTA program), students are adjudicated in the category corresponding to their gender identification, not the gender of the role that they played. Students identifying as non-binary or gender-fluid may choose to either select the category in which they wish to be adjudicated (regardless of the gender of the role) OR they may be adjudicated based on the gender of the role they played.

Musicals will need to be adjudicated by April 28, 2024. If your musical is after this deadline, please email Carlos Martinez at

The entry fee for this category is $250 per production. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE.

ENTRY APPLICATION for the 2024 Broadway San Diego Awards


Eligibility Requirements for Best Actors and Best Actress for the Jimmy Awards Category

Student applicants for Best Actors/Actresses must be enrolled in grades 9-12 in a San Diego public or private high school participating in the BSDA. Student applicants must be nominated by their school and theatre educator they are representing. To compete in the Best Actor or Best Actress category, a student must be in an approved musical and a qualifying role. A comprehensive list of eligible roles can be found at

Student applicants for The Jimmy Awards Category must agree to possible video recording, televised opportunities, photos, press interviews, and print advertising in conjunction with the BSDA. Students must be willing and available to participate in potential virtual events with the BSDA. If chosen as Best Actress or Best Actor, students must be conflict free and available for all days during the Jimmy Awards week (June 14 – June 25, 2024). A list of qualifying roles for Best Actor and Best Actress can be found here (subject to change).

The winners of the Broadway San Diego Awards who will go on to participate in The Jimmy Awards must show proof of vaccination in order to attend the New York competition and dorms at The Julliard School. In addition, all nominees will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccinations upon arrival to The Juilliard School in New York City on June 14, 2024.

For the complete Rules and Regulations for the The Jimmy Awards® please click here.